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Our national conversation of how to fix American healthcare is based on a decades-long pretense: that America has a free market in medicine, or had one until recently. Reforming American healthcare has been a question of whether, or how quickly, America should join the rest of the developed world in adopting socialized medicine. However Americans have lived under mostly socialized medicine since the advent of Medicare in 1965, and the state of the American healthcare market was hardly free prior to that.

Despite pockets of vitality, American healthcare is sick. Yet we have been offered different variations of more socialized medicine as the only cure. This event offers a radical and new cure: desocializing American medicine.

Join us for a series of talks and panels by philosophers and physicians who demonstrate that: (1) it has always been the lack of freedom in medicine that causes the problems to which socialization and regulation are demanded as solutions; (2) a truly free market in medicine is a moral and practical imperative; and (3) there are practicable first steps that would improve the healthcare of Americans in the short term by moving us (longer-term) in the direction of this ideal.


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  • 10-11 – ‘Freeing the Medical Mind’ By Greg Salmieri, Senior Scholar of Philosophy, Salem Center for Public Policy, University of Texas at Austin
  • 11-12 – ‘Government and American Medicine: a brief history’ By Amesh Adalja MD, FACP, FACEP, FIDSA
  • 1-2:30 – Panel 1 —The Doctor-Client Relationship with Michael Cannon, MA, JM, Director of Health Policy Studies, Cato Institute; Arthur Astorino, MD and co-founder of Americans for Freedom of Choice in Medicine (AFCM); Richard Parker, MD, ABEM, ACEP, TMA; Michael Garrett, MD
  • 2:30-4 – Panel 2 —Decontrolling American Healthcare with Jared Rhoads, MS, MPH, and founder of the Center for the Study of Health Policy and Individual Rights; Michael Kauffman MD PhD, Boards of Directors; Jared Seehafer, MS RAC, CEO & Cofounder, Enzyme; Colleen Smith MD, FACEP
  • 4:15-5:15 – ‘How to Desocialize Medicine‘ By Don Watkins, best-selling author of Free Market Revolution and Equal is Unfair
  • 5:15-6:00 – Closing Panel

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