Onkar Ghate and Agustina Vergara Cid discuss the immigration debate from a philosophical perspective. They address questions such as whether foreigners have a right to immigrate to America, whether immigration or its curtailment violates the rights of American citizens, and what role government has in relation to immigration.

Topics covered:

  • Whether immigrants have a right to move to America;
  • The argument that immigration violates American citizens’ rights;
  • What is motivating the objection that immigrants allegedly take jobs from Americans or lower their standard of living;
  • What is the proper role of government in relation to immigration policy;
  • Whether failure to enforce immigration laws undermines the rule of law;
  • Illegal immigration as a response to unjust laws;
  • Why immigrants seeking a better life shouldn’t be smeared as “illegals”;
  • Why the objection that immigration is destroying American culture is invalid;
  • Ideological screening as a major threat to intellectual freedom;
  • Ayn Rand’s views on immigration as flowing from her view of self-interest;
  • What immigration would look like in a free society.


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