According to Iran Human Rights:

At least 76 protesters are confirmed to have been killed by security forces. Most families have been forced to quietly bury their loved ones at night and pressured against holding public funerals. Many families were threatened with legal charges if they publicised their deaths. Internet disruptions continue to cause delays in reporting.

Videos and death certificates obtained by Iran Human Rights confirm live ammunition is being directly fired at protesters.

Iran Human Rights warns of the continued killing of protesters and the use of torture and ill-treatment against detainees to force false televised confessions and calls for urgent united action by the international community. Director, Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam said: “The risk of torture and ill-treatment of protesters is serious and the use of live ammunition against protesters is an international crime. We call on the international community to decisively and unitedly take practical steps to stop the killing and torture of protesters.” He added: “The world must defend the Iranian people’s demands for their fundamental rights.”


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