According to legal philosopher, Eva Vlaardingerbroek, “Europe is headed towards a tyrannical regime of mass surveillance and control. We are turning into China and if we don’t prevent the introduction of compulsory vaccination in Austria, Europe will no longer be part of ‘The Free West’.”

As Ms. Vlaardingerbroek notes on her blog:

I’ve come to learn that most Americans have no idea how dire the situation in Europe really is. Obviously, America has very heated debates about vaccine mandates too, but they don’t have a digital vaccine passport in place on a federal level. So whenever I talked about QR-codes that grant us access to everyday life, they always looked at me somewhat vaguely. And that’s exactly the issue here. What most people don’t know is the fact that the system we already have in place here in Europe, is a system that can be used for just about anything, not just your vaxx status. And it will be, because the people who rule us are actually very open about their intentions of doing just that.

This is all part of a plan called the ‘European Digital Idenity‘ project. Which basically comes down to every single European citizen having a digital wallet, that contains your medical records, identification information, soon possibly your Central Bank Digital Currencies; and basically anything else there is to know about you. In short: It’s a tracking app. The government, or whoever has access to your information, will know exactly where you are, who you are with and what you spend your money on. What could possibly go wrong there?

Well, a lot. As I said on Tucker Carlson Tonight: “We’re headed towards a new system, a tyrannical regime of mass surveillance and control. Here in Europe, we already have a system in place that reminds us of the early phases of a social credit system. We are literally turning into China”.

And I meant it. Because although in some countries the restrictions are being lifted, what I was afraid of indeed happened: Austria has fallen. Last Thursday, the National Council in Austria (NB: not Australia) passed a law making the Covid vaccines mandatory on a nationwide level; meaning every citizen above the age of 18 will have to pay massive fines up to €15,000 a year, for the ‘crime’ of being unvaccinated. When I say Austria has fallen and Europe is no longer ‘‘part of the Free West”, I’m not saying that to sound dramatic. I deeply believe that once a state no longer honors its citizens’ bodily integrity, freedom is a concept of the past. And there is no reason to think this will be limited to just Austria. On the contrary, actually. Germany has announced it also wants to enforce mandatory vaccination on a nationwide level, most likely starting at the end of February. And we all know that if Germany does something, it’s only a matter of time till the rest of the EU follows. On that note, Germany has also announced this week that they will be barring parliamentary members who are unvaccinated from entering the Bundestag. De facto this comes down to an exclusive entry-ban for members from the Alternative für Deutschland party. Unsurprisingly, this is a right-wing opposition party. And let’s not forget that the German head of the office for the protection of the constitution has stated that people who protest against the Covid restrictions are potential ‘‘enemies of the state’’…



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