Parler’s “role pales in comparison to social media behemoths like Facebook, which is used by nearly 70% of American adults, said Angelo Carusone, president and CEO of the” left-wing group Media Matters according to an article in the left-leaning Salon.

From “Despite Parler backlash, Facebook played huge role in fueling Capitol riot, watchdogs say”:

“If you took Parler out of the equation, you would still almost certainly have what happened at the Capitol,” he told Salon. “If you took Facebook out of the equation before that, you would not. To me, when Apple and Google sent their letter to Parler, I was a little bit confused why Facebook didn’t get one.”


Carusone argued that Facebook “had a much bigger role” in the riot, noting that Media Matters and others “brought to their attention” numerous “red flags” they spotted in the lead-up to the riot, but Facebook managers “still didn’t do anything about it.”

“Apple and Google were being extraordinarily myopic and, frankly, hypocritical in singling out Parler,” he said. “Not because I want to defend Parler, but the math is the math. Facebook was worse.”

Though the article is filled with propaganda posing as news, it does as Amy Peikoff. suggests, provide “food for thought” on the hypocrisy of Apple, Amazon, and Google’s actions in canceling Parler.


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