According to Catherine Glick, writing in Israel Hayom, in “Trump rings in the era of ‘total political correctness“, with the winning control of the Senate Democrats have complete unrestricted power:

In summary:

This week’s assult on the Capitol will give the Democrats – who now have  complete control of the US government – “justification” to implement the revolutionary dogma of the thugs that torched America’s cities last year.


The day before his supporters stormed the Capitol, Georgia elected two new Democratic senators. Those elections mean that beginning January 20, the Democrats will control all three elected bodies in Washington. And so, at least until the 2022 Congressional elections, Democrats will be able to do whatever they wish and Republicans won’t be able to stop them.

Some of the proposals and changes suggested include:

Shortly after the vote count in Georgia made clear that Democrats had won control of the upper chamber, Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand announced that the Democrats will “study and look at,” eliminating the filibuster – the Senate rule that requires super-majorities for passing laws. The filibuster blocks radical policy shifts by requiring the majority party to convince at least some members of the minority party to sign on to their bills before they become law. Abrogating the filibuster is a precondition for Democrats to pass a series of radical measures that taken together will change the face of America.

Among other things, the steps include giving statehood to Puerto Rico and Washington, DC. By adding four new senators from these territories, the Democrats will effectively ensure their continued control the Senate indefinitely.

The Democrats also intend to increase the number of Supreme Court justices from nine to fifteen, which will enable them to pack the court with progressive jurists guaranteeing a progressive majority for at least the next generation.

The Democrats intend to nationalize healthcare in the US.

They intend to pass the so-called Green New Deal, a package of legislation regarding energy and pollution conceived by activists in the extreme margins of the party. The package will cost US taxpayers in excess of $10 trillion and destroy America’s fossil fuels industries.

House Democrats approved a rule this week that will enable the appropriation by simply majority of massive sums not covered by the US Treasury for environmental and health programs.

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