In the comments section, Investor Jim Woods adds these comments worth noting:

I agree that the mob at the Capitol is wrong but disagree with who has instigated this criminal response. Several weeks ago I predicted that the public peace was in jeopardy as the evidence of electoral irregularities was denied a substantial review by procedural dismissal, which denied Americans due process.

I expected today that the joint congressional session would act according to the Constitution to grant that substantial review. The mob prevented that from occurring and their collaborators were those who dismissed any substantive review of the evidence…the governors, judges, media, et al.

I know that Nick dismisses claims of voting irregularities; however, claims that observers were denied access and that signatures were not verified are substantial claims to be assessed as they violate the integrity of the election as a whole.

Opponents of Trump argue that there is no evidence; so it shouldn’t take long to review with the benefit of keeping the peace. I can accept Biden being president, but I object to denying a review of the evidence for claims that the fraud controls of the election had been corrupted.

Months ago the Michigan Capitol had been overrun by citizens abused by arbitrary and capricious COVID lockdown regulations; today’s violence at the US Capital is akin response to a breakdown in due process.

[…] I’ll add that also several weeks ago that I was calling for peace and to step back from political violence. My point being that today’s violence was likely to happen at some time in some fashion. Too many people have been blinded by the thought of “Orange-Man bad” while disrespecting those he represents and the consequences of denying them due process.”


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