Here are a few alternatives to Goole Search, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp Messenger with less filtering restrictions and/or more privacy.


Duck Duck Go: Pro-Privacy Alternative to Google Search

Duck Duck Go makes use of google search results but without tracking you and it seems to not have the filtering problems associated with the mysterious google “algorithm.”


MeWe: The No Ad, No SpyWare Alternative to Facebook

MeWe does not data mine or sell your private data. No ads either. Your feed has nothing but content from those you follow.


Parler: “Free-Speech” Alternative to Twitter

Parler is a popular “free-speech” alternative to Twitter.


Signal: Alternative to WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger

Signal is the messaging app for people worried about their privacy. It’s end-to-end encrypted, free, and available on all major mobile platforms. Used by Ed Snowden and the U.S. military.


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