From the lefty VOX, commenting on “Alt-Right” (national socialist) support for “universal basic income” and “single-payer healthcare”:

Alt-rightists and other Trump-loyal conservatives — Richard Spencer, VDARE writer and ex–National Review staffer John Derbyshire, Newsmax CEO and Trump friend Christopher Ruddy, and onetime Donald Trump Jr. speechwriter and Scholars & Writers for Trump head F.H. Buckley — all endorsed various models of single-payer in recent months and years.

(Note: I’m not familiar with the “Trump-loyal conservatives” to know if it is fair for VOX to lump them with the “alt-right” as they do in the above paragraph.)

White-nationalist Richard Spencer now supports Biden after Trump had Qassem Soleimani killed in a military airstrike.


Superficially, the 21st-century “new-left” and “alt-right” are on opposing ends, but in terms of essentials — like the fascists and communists of the 20th century — they are the same: both anti-capitalism.

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