There has been much outrage and headlines over the “fact” that Trump wants to serve three terms.

In truth, when Trump said he was running in 2048, or whatever year after a second term, he was in fact joking.

From the Washington Post (April 2019):

President Trump on Thursday joked about serving more than two terms as president, telling a crowd that he might remain in the Oval Office “at least for 10 or 14 years.”

Trump made the comments on the same day that special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s report was released to the public.

At an event for the Wounded Warrior Project, Lt. Gen. Michael S. Linnington, chief executive of the veterans charity, gave Trump a trophy to thank him for his support.

“Well, this is really beautiful,” Trump told the crowd in the East Room of the White House. “This will find a permanent place, at least for six years, in the Oval Office. Is that okay?”

After some laughter from the crowd, Trump continued: “I was going to joke, General, and say at least for 10 or 14 years, but we would cause bedlam if I said that, so we’ll say six.”

Also see:


As for an example of a legitimate claim against Trump, the claim that Trump is using the antitrust laws against Amazon/Bezos because he regards Bezos and his Washington Post as a political enemy seems to have some merit (though we will have to see what facts the court case brings out). Then again, the Washington Post seems to approve of antitrust in general so perhaps there is some “justice” in their being “hoisted with their own petard.”


My point is that there is so much said about Trump — much of it untrue — that the noise drowns out legitimate criticisms of Trump. I see this with the fictional “boy that cries wolf,” or, the Democrat that calls every Republican a “racist!” “Trump’s a racist? Well didn’t you say the same thing about Goldwater, Ford, Reagan, Bush I & II, McCain, Romney, …”

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