“You know no one ever questions why a black student studies African-American studies but they do when he studies Aristotle, unfortunately.”- Aaron Briley


“The subject of racism has gradually snowballed over recent years, and exploded into mainstream culture over the past month. Brands are declaring their commitment to fight racism, several organisations have launched mandatory diversity trainings—even the Oscars have recently introduced certain diversity requirements for eligibility for the award. Individuals are making and denying accusations of racism in droves, and the terms ‘white fragility’, ‘systemic racism’ and ‘complicity’ have been used liberally and passionately. In order to make sense of, judge and properly respond to this new wave of events, it is essential to philosophically unpack it. What is racism? What is not racism? Is racism best countered by governmental action, organisational policy, or something else entirely? Andrew Bernstein is a philosopher and novelist. He is the author of several books, including The Capitalist Manifesto, Capitalism Unbound, and the recently-published Heroes, Legends, Champions: Why Heroism Matters. Aaron Briley, Ph.D., is a philosopher who promotes life-enhancing cultural values to black Americans, with the ultimate goal of bringing about a Black Renaissance of education, achievement, and fulfillment. He is a fellow/research associate Objective Standard Institute on race relations, cultural improvement, individualism, clear thinking, and freedom.” Video made available by the Ayn Rand Center UK.

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