“Woke” figurative is slang for awoken, as in waking up. In politics, it means one has awoken from their slumber to embrace “social justice.” The demonstrative response has been racist, sexist “affirmative action” hiring practices, and cancel culture.

Yet there are companies that are fighting back. One example is the cleverly named, unwoke.hr. From their website of unwoke.hr:

Unwoking work.

The modern workplace has become a hotpot for unchallenged radical thinking and left wing ideology. Our mission is to advance society based on a culture of enlightenment, beauty, truth and freedom through free market initiatives. First up – unwoking work.
Their basic principle is that hiring an employee that operative consideration should be merit, or in their words,”hiring based on skin color, ethnicity, origin, gender identity rather than merit.” According to the company:

Affirmative Action Programs (AAPs) has become the norm in recruitment. It involves the practice of hiring candidates based on arbitrary attributes such as ethnicity, gender or origin, even when far superior candidates are available. At the same time, Americans wonder why the standards in our country are falling and the Japanese, Koreans and even the Chinese are getting ahead; Affirmative Action with its toxic twins, Sufficiency and Diversity & Inclusion, is the enemy of excellence. It stands to reason that the direct consequences of AA is a culture of mediocrity, incompetence and decadence.

Our platform instead, is designed to help you build a culture of excellence. We believe in the principles of merit. In the best ideas and the most competent people from all walks of life regardless of gender, origin or ethnicity. While merit is not an absolute value, there are strong prima facie reasons for hiring candidates on its basis, and it should enjoy a weighty presumption in social and business practices. Not only because it shows respect to the individual rather than to a group but simply because the best people should have the best positions.

The response to unWoke.hr has “triggered” a barrage of contempt, slanderous accusations, and deplorable hacking attempts to which the company has responded to in a clever statement:

An update from the creators of Unwoke.

We understand that a very small but loud group of people have taken serious offense by the Unwoke Platform.

– We don’t care.

We just find it jaw-dropping that so many people in that particular line of work (destruction) have been shouting for years about establishing hiring processes where the ethnicity of a person is masked. Now, when we’ve created it, their heads suddenly explode because of how “racist” it is. It makes one wonder how dedicated to their principles they really are [rhetorical question].

To Vice Media
Please remove your statements linking us to “white supremacists”, calling us “dumb” and deserving of being “trolled to death”. Fail to do so and you will have a nice defamation suit coming your way very soon. Trust us, serving you would be an absolute joy.

To our users
Thank you for the unimaginable level of support. The amount of love letters are in the thousands and we’re working diligently to reply to each and everyone of you.

Some people out there including some media outlets, would like to have you believe that we’ve had a “rocky start”. We not only disagree, that whole notion is blatantly false.

First of all, we weren’t hacked. We were “XSS-attacked”.

Secondly, the email “leak” wasn’t really a leak.

We built the entire Unwoke platform over a weekend to see if a concept like this would stick. So of course there were flaws. But the trolls did us a favor by exposing our vulnerabilities. Then they put their findings on social media so we could fix everything immediately. Just brilliant work there. Free lunch as far as we’re concerned. So stay tuned, a lot of new and exciting updates are coming very soon!

– What have we learned?
Nothing. It only confirms what we already knew. That the people shouting are incapable of creation and only capable of destruction. And that a platform like Unwoke is desperately needed and desperately feared by the same people who seek to destroy it.

– Is the platform secure?
Unequivocally yes.

The creators of Unwoke.

Of course, having the proper premise is no guarantee of success. But it will be interesting to see how it goes.

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