According to the racist “anti-racist” author Robin DiAngelo:

“A positive white identity is an impossible goal.”

I agree such a goal is impossible, but not because of anything inherent in being “white,” but because there is no such thing as a moral identity based on skin color.

Any kind of  “identity” based on skin color is impossible as a moral goal. In terms of evaluating one’s identity morally, what matters is one’s ideas and actions (“the content of one’s character”) and not one’s skin color.

Embracing “race pride” is just as unhealthy as embracing “race guilt.” Basing your “pride” on skin color undermines real pride, leading to real guilt if one fails to pursue the real causes of pride.

More important than being an “antiracist” is to be an individualist: to see each person as a unique individual with a kaleidoscope of traits — with race being morally insignificant. This is the ethical meaning of being “colorblind.”

Individualism is the answer to racism, and that is the goal so-called “anti-racists” should be aiming for.

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