From Alex Epstein at the Center for Industrial Progress:

Energy policy, including climate policy, will be one of the main issues of the 2020 elections.

I believe that the best policy for America’s future and the world’s future is a policy of energy freedom, in which all sources of energy–including fossil fuels–can compete to produce the most reliable, lowest-cost energy for billions of people.

I am extremely worried that a large percentage of candidates running for office are advocating “renewables only” policies that, if actually implemented, would quickly turn America into a third-world country.

I want to use my years of experience studying energy and persuading people about energy to help pro-freedom, pro-energy candidates and citizens as much as I can.

Thus, I will be sharing what I think are the best talking points, along with references, on every major energy and environmental issue this election.

For now I am sharing them as publicly-accessible Google docs at

Please share this link with any candidates you support. Also, if you know of any shows that would like to interview me about these points, please feel free to put them in contact with me.

Currently I have messaging on the so-called climate crisis, Joe Biden’s energy plan, the wind Production Tax Credit, and reducing CO2 emissions. Many more are in the pipeline.

Note that each talking point is the length of a Tweet so they’re super easy to share.

You can download the talking points at

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