Reports John F. Trent on Erin Cummings to John Campea on The New Rumored Star Wars Series: “I Really, Really Loathe The Descriptor of Female Led” (April 24, 2020) Bounding Into Comics:

On The John Campea Show, his co-host and Spartacus actress Erin Cummings explained why she loathes the descriptor of female led while discussing the new rumored Star Wars series from Russian Doll co-creator Leslye Headland.


Cummings then points out the hypocrisy of how the series is being marketed,

“Can you read me that headline again, except take out female-centric and just put male-centric. But the point is these other shows that you talk about that are predominantly male-driven, nobody says, ‘Oh, we have this upcoming series, we aren’t going to tell you anything about it, but it’s going to be predominantly men, you wanna watch?’ That’s exactly what it’s saying.”

She continues,

“For me, yes, I want to see shows with more women, obviously. But you don’t have to say that’s the selling point. Tell me a little bit about the story. Make me fall in love with the story. Ultimately, if the show does fail, it looks like it failed because it was female-centric. Not because of a million other factors that it could have failed by.”


Give me a good story.

Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged featured heroine Dagny Taggart which inspired everyone from Martina Navratilova and Billy Jean King to Charlize Theron. Taggart was inspirational not because of her sexual anatomy, but because she was a heroic, larger than life character with a mind.

Hopefully, Disney won’t produce another Elizabeth Banks’ money-losing feminista “Charlie’s Angels” reboot that placed woke feminism over story-telling.

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