Alex Epstein has two videos analyzing Michael Moore’s documentary, Planet of the Humans:

  “The Five Things Planet of the Humans Gets (Mostly) Right.

  1. Green energy is a high-impact industrial process
  2. Green energy has many undesirable environmental impacts
  3. Green energy is hugely dependent on fossil fuels
  4. “100% renewable” is energy accounting fraud
  5. Leading green energy advocates are a terrifying combination of ignorant and dishonest

The Five Things Planet of the Human Gets Totally Wrong.

  1. It evades how bad the “natural” planet was for human life.
  2. It evades how good today’s humanized planet is for human life.
  3. It evades our ability to create new value and grow indefinitely.
  4. It evades our ability to produce more value with fewer side effects (e.g., nuclear).
  5. It evaluates the state of the planet by an anti-human standard (unchanged nature), not a pro-human standard (human flourishing).

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