• 10-minute test for coronavirus exposure utilizing blood from a finger prick can be performed anywhere by trained professionals, e.g. airports, schools, work, doctor’s office
  • Biomerica has begun shipping samples of this COVID-19 test to multiple Ministries of Health and government agencies that have requested the product through the Company’s distributors in the Middle East, Europe, and other countries
  • Price point of this single-use, disposable product as low as $10 per patient
  • Biomerica has filed a provisional patent on rapid test technology to identify multiple coronavirus strains including the strain responsible for COVID-19

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How does a coronavirus home test kit work, and how do I get one?
The UK Government has bought 3.5million finger-prick antibody tests that could soon radically transform the UK’s response to Covid-19.

Ten-Minute Coronavirus Test for $1 Could Be Game Changer
U.K. company, Senegalese institute developing hand-held kit. Kits to be manufactured in Africa, sell for less than a dollar


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