Post-modern movie critics are celebrating Rian Johnson’s movie Knives Out. They applaud it with the same enthusiasm they did for his previous cinematic failure, The Last Jedi, that “subverted,” that is, spat on, the beloved characters in George Lucas’ Star Wars universe.

They applaud it for the same reason: Johnson’s in-your-face Left-wing dogma.

Writes one adoring reviewer at the Verge [Knives Out review: a great mystery that fumbles its big finish] about the villains in Rian “subvert Star Wars” Johnson’s latest movie:

“The Thrombeys ….believed themselves to be good people because they were nice to her despite all their casual racism and espousement of conservative talking points on immigration ….We want to see [the heroine] prevail over the scheming wealthy white people who callously brush off concerns about the grotesque inhumanity on the US southern border in drawing rooms, who feign principle in opposition to their most egregiously offensive family members but ultimately only maintain their noble beliefs from the comfort of wealth.”

Excuse me, but “conservative talking points on immigration” and  “casual racism”?

See Larry Elder’s Democrats Against Illegal Immigration for a taste of reality.

Sadly for the reviewer, the movie ultimately fails in its central conflict:

“As Knives Out twists its way toward a conclusion, it doubles down on condescension, elevating Marta over the political landscape that would rather demonize her. Trouble is, people like Marta are already demonized by bigger and crueler buffoons than the Thrombeys — and there’s no fortune waiting to save them.”

For that, I suppose we require the forced wealth distribution of “Democratic Socialism.”

“And so, even though Knives Out ultimately brings its mystery to a satisfying conclusion with a culprit named and cuffed, there’s another one that gets away clean: white guilt.”

For this, we will have to wait for Rian Johnson’s next “subversive” political screed posing as entertainment.

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