“On June 27, 2018, Justice Anthony Kennedy slipped out of the Supreme Court building and traveled to the White House to inform President Donald Trump that he was retiring. The news touched off a media maelstrom, triggering a confirmation process that his successor, Brett Kavanaugh, would denounce three months later as a “national disgrace” and a “circus.”

“At this special event and based on her new, #1 bestselling book (with co-author Carrie Lynn Severino), “Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court,” Mollie Hemingway discusses the true story of what really happened, based on exclusive interviews of more than 100 people—including the President of the U.S., several Supreme Court justices, high-ranking White House and Department of Justice officials, and dozens of senators.

“Nasty politics and unverified accusations of sexual assault became weapons in a ruthless campaign of personal destruction. The Supreme Court has become the arbiter of America’s most vexing and divisive disputes. With the stakes of each vacancy incalculably high, has the incentive to destroy a nominee become irresistible? Will the next time a nominee promises to change the balance of the Court be even uglier and how will this affect the future of America?”

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