Writes Richard Salsman on The Bullet Train Fiasco Reminds Us That California Is Our Greece – Forbes:

When America was a freer, more capitalist nation, it achieved great things in infrastructure, largely by private means. The Panama Canal was built by U.S. firms in just 10 years (1904-1914), after the French had failed over the prior two decades. The Erie Canal was dug and made navigable in only 8 years (1817-1825). The U.S. Transcontinental Railroad was built in just 6 years (1863-1869). The Hoover Dam took a mere 5 years to complete (1931-1936). The Golden Gate Bridge was erected in under 5 years (January 1933 – May 1937). Most amazing of all perhaps, the Empire State Building was built in 13 months (March 1930 – April 1931).

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