Here’s a piece about the BBC’s (Bend over Backwards Corporation?) self-censorship over Islam and Muslims as an explicit, mandated policy under its current director, Mark “Run Away!” Thompson. (The nickname is mine, from the knights’ battle cry in Monty Python’s “Holy Grail” movie.) I’d like to see a similar exposé of its counterpart here in the U.S., the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (or PBS) “a private corporation funded by viewers like you,” through donation and tax dollars.

Anyone see the contradiction in that assertion? I’ve not seen a single program that portrays Islam in its true light, only programs about animals and struggling illegal aliens and global warming and bringing technology to poor countries that couldn’t sustain it anyway because they’re mired in collectivism and socialism. or just plain primitivism. We don’t have a TV license tax here, but we may as well have for all the hidden taxes that go into the purchase of a TV. The CPB is the federal government’s propaganda arm; PBS affiliates are its local branches, and the MSM its private and willing auxiliary, all hoving to the
gentleman’s agreement to “never speak ill of Islam.” — Ed Cline

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