This site is being created by serious students and proponents of Objectivism in response to the danger that some, who may seem in agreement with the philosophy, are in fact subverting it. The tabs representing the subjects are arranged, left to right, in chronological order.

The “Context” tab is where we suggest you begin. Here we have quoted from Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s 1989 essay, “Fact and Value.” The first passage clearly defines what is, and what is not, Objectivism. The second passage describes how he “finally” identified the common denominator of past, and future, schisms. This essay was seminal for many of us. It helped us to understand the past more clearly, and, we think, to identify current detractors disguised as Objectivists. A link to the entire essay may be found under the “Resources” tab, and we encourage everyone to study it.

We understand there are different levels of Objectivist detractors, from outright enemies of Objectivism to those who are “Objectivish” and who need to recognize and admit their differences with Objectivism.

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