Writes Richard Salsman on Steve Jobs and the Money-Making Personality:

Are you a money-making personality? Apple co-founder Steve Jobs (1955-2011) certainly was, but so also are the lesser-known creators of abundant value in the business sector who sustain the world economy like the Atlas who holds up the globe.

These are the 1% of us, the rare giants of industry, commerce and finance who occupy Wall Street suites, Silicon Valley campuses, and all great cities in between. These are the best and the brightest, not the worst and the dimmest, those who don’t whine that others owe them jobs or handouts but practice the virtues of rationality, honesty, integrity, independence, productiveness, and pride.

Jobs’ recent death elicited the requisite commendations and eulogies,
the most worthy of which came from those who knew best his character,
life, work, and achievements. Interviewed
last August, Apple co-founder (in 1976) Steve Wozniak said “He’s always
going to be remembered, maybe for the next hundred years, as probably
the greatest business leader – or at least technology business leader –
of our time, or ever.” Like Bill Gates,
Jobs and Wozniak were college drop-outs (from Harvard, Reed College,
and U.C. Berkeley, respectively) – proof to young aspirants that great
success can come without over-priced college degrees.

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