We’ve just been reading Dr. Andrew Bernstein’s latest book and it is a barn-stormer. Entirely relevant to today’s political and economic problems this short volume is the perfect antidote to the problems the Occupy Wall Street children’s choir are crying about.

Go grab yourself a copy (and a few for your liberal– and conservative — friends) as it is now available for pre-order on Amazon.com.

Here is the table of contents:

Introduction: Resolving the Country’s Problems

Part 1: The Relevant Principles of Objectivism

Part 2: Rational Solutions to Current Moral/Political Problems
1 Repudiating Environmentalism in Theory and Practice
2 Defeating Islamic Totalitarianism
3 A Free Market Solution to Problems of Health Care
4 The Right to Abortion as an Application of Individual Rights
5 The Superiority of Free Market Education to Government Schooling
6 Individual Rights Applied to Representative Issues

Epilogue: Re-Stating the Theme

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