Writes Richard Salsman over at Forbes:

President Obama deserves a modicum of praise for finally allowing a
team of U.S. Navy Seals to kill mass-murderer and al Qaeda kingpin Osama
bin Laden last weekend, but only disdain for delaying the operation for
so long, and harsh condemnation for extolling “extraordinary sacrifice”
at his Ground Zero visit. Like his feckless predecessor, Mr. Obama
deserves the lowest grade for continuing to appease political-militant
Islam, as evidenced by the tender care and deep respect he bestowed on
bin Laden during the burial at sea

“Shameful” is the only word fit to describe a U.S. foreign policy
that did nothing to bin Laden after 2005, when he first occupied his
conspicuous compound in Abbottabad, just 30 miles from Pakistan’s
capitol and close to the Pakistan Military Academy, which counted among
its notable visitors U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Admiral
Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Pakistan’s foreign
minister Salman Bashir told the BBC recently that in mid-2009 his
nation’s intelligence services (ISI) told the Obama regime about bin
Laden’s not-so-secret hide-out

The CIA and Pentagon gave Mr. Obama a specific raid plan last August,
yet he dithered and remained reluctant to take military action. In time
it’ll likely be revealed that Mr. Obama gave the go-ahead only because
he feared leaks would reveal him to be weak and appeasing

Of course, Barack Obama isn’t the only U.S. president who hoped to
give bin Laden a pass. 

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