Richard Salsman has been busy as a bee writing illuminating editorials at Forbes, all worth reading…

U.S. Arms Its Islamic Enemies – Again,” March 31, 2011
The enemy of America’s enemy is not her friend, but her enemy, contrary to what liberals and conservatives believe

Libya Exposes Obama as Our Latest Neo-con President” March 23, 2011
He continues the obscene tradition of Democrat presidents – and Neo-Conservatives – who sacrifice American interests

Obama’s ‘Stimulus’ Precluded a Robust Recovery,” March 15, 2011
Stock prices bottomed two years ago, but Washignton’s so-called “stimulus” spending has precluded a more robust recovery

Bravo For George Buckley, A Righteous CEO,” March 2, 2011
CEOs are usually mealy-mouthed on public policy, but 3M’s CEO is right to name Obama as the ‘Robin Hood’ he really is

Ochlocracy and the Menace of Government Unions,” February 23, 2011
The right to “collective bargaining” should not include coercion against payers – as it has since 1935

Another Illiberal Democracy – in Egypt,” February 10, 2011
Democracy is no guarantor of genuine liberties or rights; indeed, far more often it brutally tramples them

The Actual State of the Union,” February 1, 2011
Presidents no longer bother to give objective assessments of America’s current and future state

Krugman, ‘Toxic Rhetoric’ and the Smear-Mongers,” January 20, 2011
Political programs – but not political “rhetoric” – can inflict violence; let’s start recognize the difference between the two.

New Congress, Same Old Leviathan,” January 11, 2011
Neither GOP control of Congress nor the arrival of 50 or so Tea-publicans will reduce federal spending in 2011-2012  

A Golden Decade of Government Failure,” January 4, 2011
The best investment asset of the past decade was gold – because government policies were a complete failure

A Well-Earned Capitalist Christmas,” December 23, 2010
The real meaning of Christmas – and all that we enjoy about it – is thoroughly pagan and capitalistic

The Virtue of Lower Tax Rates on the Rich,” December 15, 2010
The rich have a right to their earnings and deserve huge tax-rate cuts; they have no duty to create jobs or reduce deficits.

Where Have All the Capitalists Gone?” December 5, 2010
Almost everyone acknowledges that capitalism delivers the goods – but most people still claim it’s immoral

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