Don’t forget to read a seven part series detailing John Lewis and Paul Saunders  objections to plans by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to claim unlimited power over the life of every American.

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The total of their objections may be accessed at:

EPA Fascism versus America (1 of 7) (September 23, 2008)
On July 11, 2008 the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States issued an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR). This document details how the EPA intends to claim unlimited power over the life of every American.

EPA Fascism versus America: The EPA Plans are Immoral (2 of 7) (September 24, 2008)
The major impetus behind the man-made global warming scare–and the resultant political proposals–is rooted in something other than the rational identification of a genuine problem. It is erroneous moral ideas that are leading us to political disaster.

EPA Fascism versus America: There is No Natural Evidence for Man-made Global Warming (3 of 7) (September 25, 2008)
The provisions in the ANPR are based on a specious, unproven, scientifically unsupported, a-historical claim that impending disaster is caused by our very prosperity. This claim is leading us into the clear and present danger of federal economic controls imposed on a scale previously intolerable in the United States.

EPA Fascism versus America: There Is No “Consensus” Among Scientists (4 of 7) (September 26, 2008)
We oppose these measures on scientific grounds, because the assertions of a man-made global warming crisis are opposed by some of the best scientific minds in the world. There is no “consensus” among scientists that man-made global warming is a crisis requiring government intervention.

EPA Fascism versus America: The Failed Predictions of the Environmentalists (5 of 7) (September 27, 2008)
Claims to man-made global warming are merely the latest in a century-long series of failed predictions of climate catastrophe, built on emotion and not on reason. These dire predictions have alternated between cooling and warming–cycles that have run parallel to the Earth’s natural climate variations.

EPA Fascism versus America: There Are No Practical Alternative Fuels in the Short-Term (6 of 7) (September 28, 2008)
There is no basis to conclude that practical development of so-called ‘alternative’ technologies can be achieved while destroying our industrial base in fossil fuels. Further, there is no basis for thinking that such technologies will be welcomed by environmental advocates, should they be made practical and available.

EPA Fascism versus America: The Descent into Dictatorship (7 of 7) (September 29, 2008)
The provisions of this ANPR grant virtually unlimited power to the Administrator of the EPA. This is a monstrous subversion of the very foundations of the independent American Republic, and the universal values it upholds: life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness.

Those plans were laid out in an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR), dated July 11, 2008.

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