Irvine, CA–Two of the problems our presidential candidates are being called upon to solve are the spiraling cost of energy and the “crisis” of man-made global warming. Both Senators McCain and Obama claim to have a unified strategy for tackling both problems.

“The notion that these two issues can be addressed simultaneously is nonsense,” said Dr. Keith Lockitch, resident fellow of the Ayn Rand Institute. “No policy aimed at ‘fighting global warming’ can help solve the energy crisis. An energy crisis is the proposed ‘solution’ to global warming.

“More than 85 percent of the world’s energy comes from carbon-producing fossil fuels. And despite all the propaganda we hear about a ‘new energy economy’ just around the corner, there are no realistic, abundant alternatives available any time soon. Any measures enacted to ‘fight climate change’ can lead only to a worsening of the energy crisis.

“And it is not at all clear that climate change is something that needs to be fought. Even though we are constantly told that global warming is occurring at an accelerating rate, in fact global temperatures have been flat for the last decade. We are told that global warming is causing more frequent and intense hurricanes and a catastrophic rise in sea levels, yet the data don’t support such claims. Global warming alarmism is more environmentalist hype than scientific fact.

“There is no evidence that cutting off our carbon emissions would have any noticeable impact on the world’s climate,” Lockitch said. “Yet it would cause a catastrophic blow to the world’s economy and therefore to people’s lives. Energy use is an indispensable component of almost everything we do every day. And billions of people around the world are suffering right now for lack of abundant energy.

“The only crisis we need to worry about is the unnecessarily high cost of energy–and the solution to that is to remove coercive Green restrictions on oil production, and to start drilling and burning.”

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