John Lewis is one of the most hard hitting intellectuals around — especially when he gets going in his Q&As. If you are a 100 miles within the area make sure to attend! — CapMag

Who: Dr. John Lewis, historian at Ashland University

What: A talk on how we can and why we must defeat Totalitarian Islam—first and foremost by destroying the current regime in Iran

When: Wednesday, February 28, 7:30 PM–9:30 PM

Where: George Mason University, Fairfax Campus, Johnson Center, 3rd Floor, Meeting Room C

The public and media are invited. Admission is FREE.

Summary: In the wake of 9/11, and in the face of rising threats to their freedoms and rights, Americans are uncertain about what a proper foreign policy should be. The uncertainty arises from the philosophical influences of pragmatism and altruism, which have misguided Americans and their leaders for decades. Mentally crippled by this uncertainty, America has failed to address the cause of the threats against her and, in so doing, has bolstered it.

This talk consults the historical precedent of American policy towards Shintoism in post-1945 Japan to show that a proper policy today would first identify Islamic Totalitarianism as the cause of the threat facing the West, and then direct American resources toward eliminating the political imposition of Islamic Law. If Americans want to end the threats against their lives and liberty, they must first identify the advocates of political Islam (those who seek to impose Islamic Law by force) as the true enemy, and then destroy that enemy—beginning with the Islamic State of Iran. This is the only way to reestablish American security.

For more information on this talk, please email To read the article on which the talk is based, click here.

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