What motivated the slaughter of Americans on 9/11? What drives terrorism against America and the West? Experts and politicians insist that Islam is more-or-less irrelevant in explaining the terrorists’ actions. But that is wrong, Elan Journo of the Ayn Rand Institute will argue; the terrorists are motivated by their principled embrace of Islam. By considering the religion’s central tenets–understood as the vast majority of Muslims understand and practice them–we can see how faith in Islam leads many Muslims to initiate aggression against the “infidel” West. This truth–however unpleasant it may be to some–has crucial implications for which regimes to target in the war and how properly to defeat the enemy.

Islam’s Role in the Terror War on America by Elan Journo Mon, Feb. 12 7:30 PM SGM -123: A Lecture Event at University of Southern California presented by The USC Objectivist Club. Directions: http://www.usc.edu/about/visit/upc/driving_directions/ .Flyer: http://psuobjectivism.com/IslamPoster2.pdf

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