Irvine, CA–America has long been known as the country in which individuals, no matter where they begin in life, have the freedom necessary to achieve great success–to live the American Dream. Yet the critics of “income inequality,” complaining about high CEO pay, endless “dead-end jobs,” and allegedly low “social mobility,” say that the American Dream has become a fiction–and that the government must come to the rescue with new welfare spending.

In fact, said Alex Epstein, “Today’s America, thanks to its legacy of economic freedom, offers unprecedented economic opportunity to all of us.

“Thanks to the ingenuity of individuals under generations of American capitalism, today we have available to us literally thousands of types of well-paying jobs, and myriad resources from which to acquire new skills and knowledge–this, even in spite of our horrible system of public education. Immigrants who come here speaking no English, but who work hard and have a commitment to self-improvement, routinely achieve great success–while their children fill America’s top universities.

“Anyone who claims that in America today it is nearly impossible to improve your economic situation is lying to you. Indeed, the biggest obstacle many Americans face is that very lie–the determinist philosophy that your success or failure is pre-ordained by economic circumstances. Those who accept this philosophy of failure will not be willing to exert the effort, self-discipline, and commitment to self-improvement that success requires. They will be ripe targets for anti-capitalist politicians who sell them on the latest welfare scheme by telling them that their problems are not of their own making, but rather of an overly capitalist system that permits such income inequality.

“Americans must reject the present public outcry against income inequality, and recognize that the American Dream can become a reality for each of us–as long as we embrace a philosophy of responsibility and success, not determinism and failure.”

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