Irvine, CA–The World Health Organization, conceding that alternative methods to fight malaria have failed, will start encouraging the use of DDT around the world.

“For anyone who cares about human life, this is excellent news,” said Dr. Yaron Brook, executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute. “The widespread use of DDT against malaria-carrying mosquitoes can prevent the infection of hundreds of millions of people every year and save millions of lives.”

Before environmentalists managed to ban or severely restrict its use, DDT led to a dramatic reduction in malaria cases wherever it was used.

“The decades-long environmentalist opposition to DDT never had any basis in science: for half a century DDT use has been proven safe to humans and deadly to mosquitoes.

“The environmentalists responsible for banning or tightly restricting the use of DDT are responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people and for the untold suffering of hundreds of millions more, most of them children.

“The environmentalists’ persistent opposition to the use of DDT shows that they are indifferent to human suffering. This is because environmentalism places the ‘preservation’ of nature above the requirements of human survival and prosperity. Given the choice of eradicating malarial mosquitoes with a man-made pesticide or condemning millions of people to suffering and death, committed environmentalists have consistently opted for the latter.

“Environmentalism is an anti-human ideology that must be eradicated intellectually in order to ensure that deadly diseases such as malaria can be eradicated physically.”

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