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From FoxNews: Israeli, Hezbollah Forces Battle as Diplomats Seek End to Conflict.

Attempts to draw a cease-fire blueprint came down to a test between a step-by-step proposal backed by Washington and Lebanon’s insistence — supported by Arab allies — that nothing can happen before Israeli soldiers leave. In New York, Arab envoys and U.N. Security Council members tried to hammer out a compromise. …
The original proposal, drafted by the United States and France, demanded a “full cessation of hostilities” on both sides and a buffer zone patrolled by Lebanese forces and U.N. troops. But the plan did not specifically call for an Israeli withdrawal. Critics said it would give room for Israeli defensive operations. …

Washington and Paris were expected to circulate a new draft in response to amendments proposed by Qatar, the only Arab nation on the 15-nation Security Council, and other members, diplomats said. …

The proposed changes include a call for Israeli forces to pull out of Lebanon once the fighting stops and hand over their positions to U.N. peacekeepers.

What would it mean if Israel ceases fire before Hezbollah is defeated? Nasrallah has already told us. From AP on July 23: Survival May Equal Victory for Hezbollah.

Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah acknowledges that Israeli troops can sweep across south Lebanon. But if he and his militants can survive and keep fighting, he will cement his image as the unlikely new hero of Arab nationalism.
Anticipating the ground assault, Nasrallah sought to ensure his group’s survival and safeguard its widening base of support in Lebanon and abroad by lowering the bar for what would constitute victory.

In a television interview broadcast Friday, he defined victory as a successful defense.

And he acknowledges the gravity of defeat.

“A defeat in Lebanon will end the region’s resistance movements, the Palestinian cause and impose Israel’s conditions for a settlement,” he warned.

LGF noted this week that in a recent meeting, Nasrallah implored Arab leaders to “stop this aggression against Lebanon”. A cease fire only benefits Hezbollah.

The U.S. should not only stop insisting on a cease fire, we should join Israel in completely destroying and disbanding Hezbollah. Keep in mind, not only is Hezbollah responsible for deadly attacks against Americans, but Nasrallah himself has raised a war cry against us. In this documentary trailer, watch Nasrallah lead a Lebanese crowd in a chant of “Death to America”: Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against The West.

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