VanDamme Academy, an acclaimed private school in Orange County, CA founded by noted Objectivist educator Lisa Vandamme has a developed system for providing its comprehensive history curriculum to homeschoolers and parents everywhere. The school has named this educational initiative the “Remote History Program.”

Starting in September 2006, VanDamme Academy’s elementary grades history teacher, Scott Powell, will offer classes to students across the country.

Mr. Powell explains, “Our program spans the entire history of the West, from Ancient Egypt to Modern America. This year, to keep the program synchronized with our own curriculum, we will be offering the history of Europe (from AD 300 to the present).”

The story of Europe, Mr. Powell elaborates, “is both an exciting story in its own right, and an important background and foil to the development of America. We will look at the emergence of Europe out of the Dark Ages, following the fall of Rome, and the evolution of its various nations up to the present day, noting especially the role of Christianity and monarchy in shaping their cultures. Quite simply, it is an amazing epic, with both shocking villains and powerful heroes. Children love it!”

“To make this program available as widely as possible,” explains Ms. VanDamme, “Mr. Powell’s lectures will be broadcast both as live teleconferences, which teachers and their students can attend by phone, and by internet, via the school’s website. In this latter format, students will be able to access recorded lectures on their own time, if the class times are not convenient. This truly represents an unprecedented opportunity for students everywhere to access an essential curriculum component that has sadly been displaced in public and private schools alike.”

The Remote History program is now accepting enrollment applications.

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