Irvine, CA—”The worldwide condemnation of Israel’s retaliation against Lebanon is morally obscene,” said Dr. Yaron Brook, executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute. “The calls effectively demand that the innocent victim be sacrificed to the aggressor.”

“Instead of excoriating Hezbollah and helping Israel to annihilate it, President Bush and other leaders urged that the victim, Israel, not cause ‘excessive’ damage to the aggressor–and begged that no harm come to Lebanon’s terrorist-supporting government. Were Israel to follow such calls, it would have to leave in place the terrorist leadership and infrastructure that works to abduct, blow up and slaughter Israelis.

“The obscene premise governing so many of the West’s leaders is the belief that we have no moral right to defend ourselves against the forces of Islamist barbarism.

“All of this can serve only to encourage Islamic totalitarian groups to intensify their war on Israel–and the West.”

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