Writes Robert Tracinski in TIA Daily on the reporting on Haditha:

With the help of the American mainstream media, Iraqis are now apparently “enraged” at the US over these cases—but much less enraged at terrorists who continue to murder civilians by the dozens in public markets. […] [The mainstream media] are merely acting to provide a propaganda victory for the enemy—and in providing disproportionate coverage of these stories, they are working to demoralize the American people.

From Cox and Forkum:

Comments Michelle Malkin in “The Truth About Haditha”:

Let me repeat that: The investigations are ongoing. Not complete. Official reports aren’t expected for several weeks. I do not know the truth about Haditha. Neither do Murtha and the media outlets calling the alleged massacre a massacre before all the facts are in.


There are countless numbers of anti-war zealots on the American Left rooting for failure. They believe the worst about the troops. They’ve blindly embraced frauds who’ve lied about their military service and lied about wartime atrocities. They’ve allied themselves with socialist kooks and coddled murderous dictators. They are looking for any excuse to pull out, abandon military operations and reconstruction, and impeach the president. They insist on giving suspected foreign terrorists more benefit of the doubt than our own men and women in uniform. And that, I know, I am not willing to do. […] I will remind you that while the murder of civilians is and remains an anomaly in American military history, it is the jihadists’ way of life.

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