IRVINE, CA—”The reborn Afghanistan is hailed as a success in the Bush administration’s ‘war on terror,’ but in reality America’s campaign there has been a drastic failure. Legions of undefeated Taliban and al Qaeda fighters are resurging. They have launched suicide bombings and rocket attacks on American and Western troops, and are besieging several Afghan provinces.

“The U.S.-endorsed, and supposedly friendly, Afghan government is committed not to protecting individual rights, but to enshrining sharia–jailing ‘blasphemers’ and threatening execution to apostates. Such a regime cannot be counted on to oppose the forces behind the attacks of 9/11.

“Washington failed to eradicate the terrorist-sponsoring Taliban and to make Afghanistan a non-threatening regime, because its battle plans are shaped by the moral code of self-sacrifice.

“Instead of waging a ruthless war of self-defense, Washington pulled its punches in the air bombing and ground war–for fear of upsetting Afghans and Muslims elsewhere. By embracing a ‘compassionate’ war, Washington renounced victory.”

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