Who: Ayn Rand Institute president Yaron Brook and additional panelists.

What: (1). A display of the controversial Danish cartoons depicting Mohammed.
(2). A panel discussion and Q&A on the meaning of the worldwide reaction to the cartoons.

Where: Los Angeles, CA, UCLA Campus: Dodd 147

When: Friday, March 10, 2006, at 7 PM

Priority seating for members of the media, UCLA students, faculty, and staff begins at 6:30 PM. Please check in at the front door. General seating is available only by RSVP and begins at 6:45 PM. Please email Events@ClubLogic.org to be placed on the list. A state-or-federally-issued ID is required for admittance. Seating will be limited. Attendees may be required to go through a security checkpoint.

Summary: ARI’s Yaron Brook will participate in a panel discussion on the Mohammed cartoon controversy. He will explain: Why the eruption of violence and the issuance of death threats make completely irrelevant the question of whether the cartoons are in bad taste. Why the idea that freedom of the press must be “coupled with press responsibility” means that free speech is not a right, but a fleeting permission. Why every Western newspaper and media outlet should have immediately re-published or shown the cartoons in solidarity with the cartoonists. Why the cowardly and appeasing response of many Western governments–including our own–will only invite further aggression. Other panelists will present their own views.

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