Christmas Should be More Commercial by Leonard Peikoff
It is time to take the Christ out of Christmas, and turn the holiday into a guiltlessly egoistic, pro-reason, this-worldly, commercial celebration.

A Commercialized Christmas Carol by Wayne Dunn
What anti-commercial Ebenezers need is a little chain-rattling visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Dickens’ A Christmas Carol by Michael Marriott
Of all the works written about Christmas, perhaps the most influential, save Clement Moore’s poem, The Night Before Christmas, is Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Published in 1843, the story of the curmudgeon Ebenezer Scrooge has entertained millions with its altruistic message of Christmas giving by the rich to those unable to buy their Christmas goose.

It’s a Commercial Life by Wayne Dunn
Whenever I hear that familiar Yuletide condemnation “Christmas is too commercial,” I recall George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life” wishing he’d never been born. For just as he didn’t realize the positive impact he’d had on others, the anti-commercial brigade doesn’t realize the positive impact commerce has on Christmas.

Long Live Commercialism This Christmas! by Michael J. Hurd
I hate it when people say Christmas is too “materialistic.” I hate it even more when people complain, “We have forgotten the real meaning of Christmas, with all these gifts and all this shopping and all this commercialism.” 

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