From Cox and Forkum:


From The Miami Herald: Leftists protest Bush policies.

Latin America’s radical left took to the streets Friday as populist figures such as Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez …
In a speech lasting more than two hours, Chávez unsparingly criticized President Bush and his policies in the region and said Latin America was uniting against the “imperialism of the north.”

“We are creating a great political body in the south, and not only geographically,” said the Venezuelan leader, whom U.S. officials have accused of subverting democracy in his country and his neighbors. ‘This is the great task of our region, to create a consensus of ‘the South’ that will bring better lives to all our people.”

Chávez repeated charges that the United States was planning to invade his oil-rich country and promised to defend it in a “war of 100 years.” U.S. officials have denied any such plans. …

A giant banner of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, the Cuban revolutionary and Argentine native, hung from the roof.

Chávez said he’d talked to Castro shortly before speaking and received emotional words of encouragement from the 79-year-old leader.

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