Capitalists are often the worst enemy of capitalism. Google is a case in point. Instead of proudly proclaiming that it created and earned its billions, Google is bowing to the cries of altruists and “poverty activists.” It announced yesterday that it is “giving back to the community” $1 billion–thereby implicitly admitting that by moral right the money is the property of society. “This is the moral principle of socialism, not capitalism,” says Dr. Andrew Bernstein, author of “The Capitalist Manifesto.”

Google’s actions in China show just how fully it accepts the corrupt moral principle that whatever society commands, the individual must obey. Goggle, along with other high-tech firms like Yahoo and Microsoft, has been helping Chinese censors identify customers who e-mail words forbidden by this repressive government, words like “freedom,” “democracy” and “Tiananmen massacre.” In one recent case a Chinese reporter was sentenced to ten years in prison for doing nothing more than requesting pro-democracy information from a colleague in New York

How do Google and other American businesses justify their complicity in the destruction of an individual’s free speech? These companies say they have to obey the laws, regulations and customs of the countries where they do business. In other words, the will of society trumps the rights of the individual.
Bernstein wonders: “Why do business in China if it forces you to destroy the very rights and freedoms that made your own economic success possible in America? What happened to Google’s motto ‘Do no evil’?”

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