IRVINE, CA–Four years have passed since the Sept. 11 massacre by Islamic terrorists, and the threat of yet another attack still looms. That’s because a real war has yet to be waged.

The terrorists fighting for Islamic totalitarianism were and are made possible by the dictatorial regimes–including Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia–that support them. Victory requires defeating these regimes. At the very least, we must eliminate the biggest sponsor of Islamic totalitarianism, Iran, which is rapidly trying to build a nuclear bomb while its mullahs chant “Death to America!”

But the Bush administration has substituted the legitimate goal of ending hostile regimes in self-defense with the illegitimate goal of bringing “democracy” to Afghanistan and Iraq. This has allowed Iran and others to orchestrate an insurgency in Iraq that has emboldened the Islamic totalitarians and their supporters and demoralized the United States. Longer term, there’s a significant chance that Iraq (or major parts of it) will vote itself into an Islamo-fascist state like Iran.

History demonstrates that the way to defeat an enemy is to destroy its capacity and will to fight by bringing the war into its heartland. That’s how Japan and Germany were rendered non-threatening.
The United States must focus its energy on ending the bomb-building, terrorist-sponsoring dictatorship of Iran. Let the real war on terrorism begin, before it’s too late.   [Source: ARI]

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