President Bush, along with prominent Republican Senators, advocate the teaching of what they call “intelligent design” in public schools. “Intelligent design,” in case you don’t already know, is another term for creationism, the idea that a supernatural being created the world in 7 days.

The rationale for teaching what amounts to fundamentalist religion in taxpayer-funded public schools? According to Bush’s friend, Senator Bill Frist, the point is to make our society more “pluralistic” and diverse.

Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean shot back that the Republican Party is anti-science. Dean, of course, is correct. But by what means are Republicans undermining the value of science? By the same means that Democrats do with their own agenda of secular political correctness: diversity for the sake of diversity.

I have predicted, for years now, that once the religious elements of the Republican Party took over–and clearly now they have–that the old rationalizations Democrats used for years to prop up their own anti-freedom policies would come back to haunt them. It’s happening.

In a nutshell, conservative religious Republicans are using the welfare state originally created by liberal Democrats to spread the very ideas and policies liberal Democrats hate the most. This is bad news for freedom right now.

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