From the New York Post: Anon, Annan.

The 840-page Oil-for-Food report released last week by the Volcker Independent Inquiry Commission is a damning document: It demonstrates as clearly as possible that not only is the United Nations broken, but that present management — specifically, Kofi Annan — is ill-equipped to fix it.


The Volcker Oil-for-Food Interim Reports: No Exoneration for U.N. Corruption (April 20, 2005)
Contrary to Annan’s claims, the reports do not in any way vindicate him or the United Nations.

United Nations Scandal: Kofi Annan Aide Shredded Thousands of Documents (April 9, 2005)
The destruction of highly sensitive documents by Kofi Annan’s chief aide is a massive obstruction of justice that demands major congressional investigation. It gives the impression of a huge cover-up at the very heart of the United Nations, and casts a dark cloud over the credibility of the UN secretary-general. It projects an image of impunity, arrogance and unaccountability on the part of the leadership of the United Nations.

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