Palestinian terrorists have spent the last several decades trying to shoot, blow-up, and generally maim or kill as many Israelis as possible, often sacrificing their own lives to score some precious Jewish blood. With his people growing weary of the violence, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Shraon finally stumbled across the obvious solution: compromise.

It doesn’t take a degree from Berkeley to recognize this as a monumental first step towards peace in the Middle East. Being reasonable folks, the Palestinian terrorists are bound to reciprocate. Gone are the days of leaders urging youth to don C4 backpacks on an imaginary road to blissful Islamic martyrdom. Well done, Mr. Sharon! Peace at last!

As the Israeli Gestapo celebrates Kristallnacht in Gaza this week, let’s take a look at the other side. How do Palestinian terrorists plan to contribute to the upcoming peace?

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, standing in front of a poster with the caption, Today Gaza, Tomorrow Jerusalem: “Gaza is the first liberation, then comes the West Bank, then every inch of Palestinian land. We are at the beginning of the road and we have not and will not give up our weapons.” Terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad have spent this week training.

General Ahmed Khaless, Fatah Party Secretary: “The blood of the martyrs brought us to this day. The Israelis did not take this step as a gift to the Palestinian people.”

Sami Abu Zahri, a Hamas spokesman: “The resistance, which started the victories in South Lebanon and forced the occupation to leave — it is repeating the same experience now.”

Popular chant at a mosque in Gaza: “You Jews, you Jews, the army of Mohammed and the rule of Islam will come back.”

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, in reference to Hamas’ military wing: ”The weapon of the resistance is a legitimate one. The departure of the enemy from Gaza does not mean the end of the occupation. So the resistance will continue.”

Abu Walid, a senior Islamic Jihad commander: ”Our enemy should understand that the state of Palestine is not Gaza. It’s from the river to the sea.”

Err…never mind.

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