From  Cox and Forkum:

From CNN: IAEA seeks solution to Iran issue.

The International Atomic Energy Agency is expected to press Iran on Wednesday to reverse its decision to resume a uranium conversion program. Iran restarted uranium conversion — a step on the way to enrichment — at its Isfahan nuclear facility Monday, saying it is for peaceful purposes only. Iran has insisted it has the right to have a nuclear fuel recycling program in its quest for greater reliance on nuclear energy. Western nations, however, fear this same uranium enrichment program could also be used by Iran as a front to develop atomic weapons. …
Britain, France and Germany — the so-called EU-3 — have led attempts to negotiate a solution with Iran. The United States, which has no diplomatic relations with the Islamic republic, has remained largely in the background. “Our strategy has been all along to work with Germany, France and Great Britain in terms of sending a strong signal and message to Iran,” Bush, who once branded Iran as part of an “axis of evil” along with North Korea and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, said on Tuesday.

From The New York Post: Atomic Honesty by Amir Taheri:

IF it looks like a duck, cackles like a duck and flies like one, could it be anything other than a duck? This is the question that some of those interested in Iran’s nuclear program have been asking for some time. The official line from Tehran has been that the program has solely peaceful purposes. Yet two events last week show that this Iranian discourse is the product of the old tradition of dissimulation known as “kitman.” Put simply, this means hiding one’s beliefs and practices in hostile environments and at hostile times.

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