It’s a terrible design. It was designed by an egghead architect who really doesn’t have a lot of experience of designing something like this. And it’s just a terrible design. […] I mean, the worst of all, it’s a skeletal building.  And you know, if you look at it, what is it really?  It’s a 60-story building with a skeleton on top of it because you’ve got 40 or 50 stories with nothing in between.  And it’s a disgusting design that we’re going to have to live with for many, many years in New York, and actually in the world, because New York City is so international. And it doesn’t represent what we want to have represented.

What I want to see built is the World Trade Centers stronger and maybe a story taller. And that’s what everybody wants. […] We should have the World Trade Center bigger and better. […] It’s really a shame.  We have a great opportunity. And, you know the terrorists win. If we build this job the way it is, the terrorists win. If we rebuild the World Trade Center, but a story taller and stronger, then we win.

Recommended Reading:

Rebuilding the WTC: Anything Less Is Suicide by Sherri R. Tracinski
All of Manhattan is sacred ground–not because people died there, but because its bridges and skyscrapers are monuments to human life. They are monuments to the human aspiration to build and to create. This is what was attacked on September 11: our wealth, our success, the global reach of our commerce and culture. The best way to commemorate those achievements is through a new skyscraper, bigger, better, and more beautiful than the ones we have lost.

Reflecting America: World Trade Center Memorial Should Celebrate America’s Producers by Diane Durante
The people who worked at the World Trade Center (WTC) were all productive people: they were there to do a job and earn money. They died on September 11 because they symbolized that productivity, not just to millions around the world who aspire to live like Americans, but also to the terrorists who despise all that America stands for.

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