From  Cox and Forkum:


This cartoon is from Sept. 2003 and is one of 450 cartoons in our latest book Black & White World II. CNN reports on the latest regarding North Korean negoiations: U.S. rejects North Korean demand for direct talks.

The United States reaffirmed its opposition to two-way talks with North Korea on its nuclear weapons program after the communist state on Friday again demanded bilateral discussions. … North Korea stunned the world Thursday when it publicly admitted to having nuclear weapons and announced it was withdrawing from the multilateral negotiations.

North Korea is switching masks again. Here is what was reported in Sept. 2003:

North Korea’s hostile weekend reaction to last week’s six-way talks on its nuclear program was an initial response and probably a negotiating ploy, South Korea said on Monday. […]
It is not yet clear whether Pyongyang has officially reneged on that agreement or is using past tactics that mix bluster and brinkmanship with gradual steps forward.

“The North Koreans’ post-conference verbal offensive was nothing but a stupid repeat of their habitual negotiating strategy,” the Korea Herald said in an editorial. [Emphasis added]

Sound familiar?

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