In a bumbled interview last night, CNN anchor Paula Zahn expressed outrage at professor Ward Churchill’s unwillingness to apologize for public remarks in which he compared the victims of 9/11 to Adolf Eichmann, the infamous Nazi bureaucrat responsible for managing the logistics of the holocaust.

But why are Zahn and others so shocked? Churchill’s viewpoint is merely a logical extension of the ideas that Michael Moore and other Leftists have been advancing all along: namely, that corporate America is evil and capitalism is an oppressive, exploitative system deserving of punishment from seething Middle Easterners.

So long as the Leftist version of America is treated as legitimate, Churchill’s characterization of World Trade Center office workers as “little Eichmanns”–technocratic cogs in a monstrous machine of capitalist imperialism–should come as no surprise.

Churchill shouldn’t be denounced just for naming explicitly what others have only dared imply. Instead, the entire Left (including Churchill) should be detested for spewing their venomous ideas and for maligning the only economic system ever developed that respects individual rights: capitalism.

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