Front Range Objectivist Supper Talks is pleased to announce Tara Smith speaking on: Egoistic Justice & Some of its Practical Implications. This lecture will explore Ayn Rand’s illuminating account of the egoistic nature of justice. After tracing the practical case for being just, Dr. Smith will consider four of the unconventional implications that flow from this: the emphatic need to judge other people; the diametrical opposition between justice and today’s ubiquitous ideal of egalitarianism; the proper place of forgiveness in a just man’s life; the proper place of mercy in a just man’s life. When, if ever, are forgiveness and mercy justified? Is either of them ever not merely permissible, but required?

Details: February 19, 2005. Social Hour–6:00 PM; Supper–7:00 PM; Talk–8:00 PM. West Woods Golf Clubhouse, 6655 Quaker, Arvada, CO.

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